Pon's Piercing: Septum

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I have for a long time found it very sexy with septum and wanted one for myself. And you know what? I finally got one. Last weekend when we were in Jönköping for Kite gig, I finally did it. I walked into the studio of S.K tattoo where Pontus carries out his work. I sat down on the bench and then let the handsome fellow on the picture down below poke a hole through my septum. To the question if I was nervous? Yes. To the question if I was in pain? No, but the forceps wasn´t that kind of comfortable. When the ring was in place I felt like the luckiest girl on earth. You wanna feel what I felt? Then i recommend you to visit Pon's Piercing in Jönköping. The service is insanly good, and the range of jewelery is big. You can also get you're jewelery ordered and sent home to you. You wanna get your septum pierced? Or other part of your body? Book your time → here 
The result: 
Thanks again Pontus for a damn good job
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